Richard Gautier’s Life

richard gautier’s life


Richard Gautier’s Life

The Life Journey Of Richard Gautier, Aka Dick Gautier


When Richard was around 17 years old, he made his first appearance on a tv show called The Ed Sullivan Show in 1948. Since then, he never looked back to the non-acting life that he left behind. Before acting, Richard used to sing at night clubs and joined a band group of singers and musicians. He also did comedy at these nightclubs and was also in the American navy once.


But that was all past now, and he soon appeared on the big screen in the movie Ensign Pulver with his theatre friend kay Medford, which is considered his debut in Hollywood. It was the year 1964 when this movie was released, and he then did various films and tv shows in particular.


Hymies The Robot – The Get Smart Character Which Brought Him Into The Limelight


Get smart was a successful tv show with various seasons to date, and Gautier was part of this show from the very first season. Gautier played the role of an evil robot that looks like a human. This thriller series was based on the robot getting smart or begin to think on its own. It happens that the circuits of the robot get sabotaged, which leads to changes to its programming.


The thriller story and the character screenplay worked miraculously for Gautier and brought him the fame and love he always deserved. 


Game Show Panelist And Voiceover Artist Dick Gautier 


 He played parts of the panelist for a number of American game shows like


  • Match Game
  • Password
  • Family feud
  • You don’t say etc.


He got great other game shows to judge and performed as an actor on the uncountable number of tv shows in his days. He didn’t belong to a family of actors or producers, yet he got one after another tv show to perform makes it clear how popular he was among viewers and how talented he was in acting.


Besides, you would have heard his voice behind many cartoon characters and other animated tv shows and movie characters such as Rodimus prime from transformers animated series or Wooly the smurf in The Smurfs animated tv series and many more. 


Gautier Was Also A Singer, Writer, And Cartoonist 


Singing was the one thing that played a significant role in introducing Hollywood to Gautier. Gautier also did drama theatres before tv and even got nominated for Tony Award for his performance in Bye Bye Birdie play. He was also a member of ASCAP before coming on tv as an actor and sang two popular singles.


In his leisure time, Gautier used to draw caricatures and cartoons, about which he later also wrote a guide book to teach people the art of drawing comics. He also wrote a book on teaching people about acting. 


Gautier left the world on 13 January 2017 in Arcadia, California, the same place where he was born 86 years ago. He died due to a prolonged illness and was accompanied by his third wife during his last days of life.

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