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*Where does the merchandise you offer come from?

Artist’ Merch partners with artists, labels, and the leading merchandise companies in some part of the world to bring all of their official products in one place. If you would like to have your merchandise in the Artist’ Merch store please reach out to us.

*What if my items purchased on your store are damaged or defective, can you replace the item?

We are very sorry if that happens to you. If you have a damaged or defective item, kindly email us right away and include the photo of the damaged item and your purchase number.

*Do you accept a cancellation of order?

Yes, it is! If your order hasn’t shipped yet, we can process cancellations within one business day. Please know that banking systems do not update immediately, so you can see the cancellation on your card statement for few days. However, it happens that your order has already shipped you’ll need to return the item to receive a refund.

Send us an email directly to our contact info including your email address, the item you ordered and confirmation number.

*Does Artist’ Merch ship outside the country?

Artist’ Merch has recently expanded and now offer to ship on the selected country. If you live outside the country and would like for us to let you know when we start shipping to your country, please let us know.

*How do I know if there’s new merch available from my favorite artists?

Be the first to know about new merchandise from your favorite artists with our Merch News Letter. Fill out the form here and submit to us, we will automatically send you personalized emails as soon as new merchandise comes in for any of your favorite artists on Artist’ Merch.

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