Dick Gautier’s Life

dick gautier’s life


Dick Gautier’s Life

How Dick Gautier’s Professional Life Took Shape


Dick Gautier was an American actor, writer, and singer who was born in October 1931. He began his career life by serving in the united states navy but soon turned down that profession and began working as a comic and singer at night clubs and local events. His singing brought him the first opportunity to work in a Hollywood movie called Ensign Pulver.


This was his first big-screen debut; however, he has had appeared in a few tv shows before, like the Ed Sullivan show and Password, which was an American game show. It wasn’t easy to get work in so many popular tv shows that day because the movie mafias had all control over assigning roles to actors in those days.


Ups And Downs From Gautier’s Personal Life 


Dick Gautier married three women in his life and had three children but only with the first wife, Beverly J. Gerber. His second wife was an American actress herself, Barbara Stuart, but they divorced after a few years. His last wife was Tess Hightower, a psychologist by profession, and he was with her in his final days in Arcadia, California. He died on January 13, 2017, in the same city where he was born.


He had 3 children Chrissie Gautier, Randy Gautier and Denise Gautier. And by the time of death, he was a great grandfather to five children.


Cinema And Acting Profession Were Fruitful For Richard


It worked out pretty well for Gautier, and he managed to get one after another role in tv shows. And it didn’t take him long to get another position in a tv series that brought him immense fame. This was the role of a human form robot called hymie the robot in the fantastic thriller Get Smart 1965. His initially evil role was as praised by the audience as his later performance in the show did.


It was now when Gautier changed his on-screen name to dick Gautier from the original Richard Gautier. His acting got him more and more roles in tv series, and every now and then, he used to appear in some Hollywood movies.


Other Forms Of Cinematic Works Done By Gautier


Besides acting, dick also did many voiceovers for an animated character in movies, tv-series, and children’s cartoons. He gave voice to scooby doo cartoon characters and became the voice of Spike from Tom and Jerry kids season and the G.I. joe serpentor. This was not all, but Gautier was a big-time lover of drawing cartoons, and he often used to draw caricatures too. His cartoon characters go so much appreciation that he even wrote a book on how to draw cartoons like him.


During the times like the 1970s, it was nothing less than a blessing to get a superhero role in any movie, and Richard got this opportunity at that time. In 1973 dick played the role of Batman in the batman movie. Also, he played another role of Count Cagliostro in the 1978 wonder woman tv series.

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