Dick Gautier Holywood Movies

dick gautier holywood movies

Dick Gautier Holywood Movies

Dick Gaunter, Who Started As A TV Show Actor, Didn’t Settle There


Dick gautier was a TV show actor in the initial days of his career and made an appearance with shows like Ed Sullivan Show or the American game show Password. This was the time when game shows and TV shows were gaining popularity among viewers. For instance, the TV game show Match Game started in 1962, was immensely popular as it was played among celebrity players. Moreover, the fun fact is Dick Gautier was a panelist of this show.


Ensign Pulver – Gautier’s First Big-Screen Movie Debut


Ensign Pulver is a 1964 comedy-drama movie in which Gautier was first seen as a cast member. Dick Gautier, or Richard Gautier, also played a part as a comic and did much comedy early before acting. And this is why he was selected for the role of Stefanowski to add a fun element to the movie.


Gautier Was Didn’t Got His Big Opening Until Get Smart


In 1965 Richard got to play Hymie the robot in the popular Get Smart TV show, a sitcom show. Dick portrayed an evil human-looking robot built by an evil scientist, programmed to kill scientists’ opponents. But after a malfunction in hymie’s circuit, the robot gets the ability to think on its own and chooses its actions independently. The character gained an excellent quantity of audience and opened doors of more Hollywood opportunities for dick.


But Cartooning Was His All-Time Favorite Piece Of Work


His acting career was going just fine, and by the year 1973, he has had worked in many TV shows and movies, but his favorite art form was drawing. Dick often used to make caricatures of celebrities, which were excellent, and fans appreciate his drawing works. He also wrote some guide books on how to draw cartoons and acting guide books.


American Superhero Movies And Voice Over 


In 1973 Dick played batman in the movie because the actual lead artists left the role for personal reasons. Besides that, Gautier also did voice-over work for many characters in animated cartoon series and semi-animated movies. He did give voice to spike the dog in Tom and Jerry Kids cartoon series or wooly the smurf in The smurfs TV series 1981.


Last Television Appearance Of Gautier As An Actor


In 2010, with the ending of the TV drama series Nip/Tuck, Gautier was last seen on the TV screen as an actor. He then spends the rest of his life dealing with an extended illness that later took his life in 2017. He even did marry a Hollywood star as his second wife during this filming life, but they got divorced later.


Gautier had three children from his first wife only, although he got married thrice during his lifetime. He was not just a good actor but was also a man with a good heart, and his fans love him for that kind nature as much as they loved him for his appearance and versatile acting skills.


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