Dick Gautier Biography

dick gautier biography

Dick Gautier Biography

Farewell To American Actor And Voice Artist Richard Gautier 

Dick Gautier was a California-born Hollywood actor, writer, and also a famous voice artist who gave voice to numerous cartoon characters during his days. He was among the few most versatile Hollywood actors who has also performed as a comedian and singer for multiple events. His real name was Richard Gautier, born on October 30, 1931, and died at the age of 86 in 2017.

Early Days Of Dick Gautier’s Career And Hollywood Debut

It has been known that Gautier served for the united states navy in the initial days of his career. And before that, he used to sing at nightclubs for earning and even tried comedy too. But it was not until 1964 that he made his first Bollywood appearance in the film named Ensign Pulver and immediately got another role in 1967 American Divorce Style as Larry Strickland.

But one famous role that he got considerable fame for was Hymie the Robot in the 1965 American television series Get Smart. After that, rest is just history that Dick Gautier kept blessing Hollywood till 2010 in multiple movies, TV series, and as a behind-the-screen voice artist for various characters.

Dick Gautier’s Non-Actor Work-Life In And Out Of Hollywood

He did several voiceovers like the famous Tom and Jerry cartoon character spike the dog or Serpentor of the G.I. Joe television series. Also, he used to draw some fantastic celebrity caricatures and even wrote a few books on this art form in which he guides readers on how to draw cartoons or caricatures. If you have watched the 1968-1987 transformers series, then you might or might not know this, but Rodimus Prime was voiced by Richard only.

A Glance Into Richard’s Personal Life And Family

Richard was born in Arcadia, California, and, as a matter of fact, died in the same city on January 13, 2017, due to sickness. During his lifetime, Richard married three times, among which he was divorced with the first two wives. However, his first wife was only with whom he had three children and didn’t conceive with other twos. His second wife was actress Barbara Stuart whom he married in 1967 but divorced in 1979.

Although it is official how Richard actually died of the illness, rumors have it that he dies of pneumonia. Before he left the world, he was already a grandfather to four and a great grandfather to five of his blood. His recent wife and family were with him during his final days.

Gautier’s Social Presence Or Interaction Was Quite Limited

You will not find any official social media account of Richard, but he appeared on various real talk shown during his late-career days. Also, Gautier used to serve as a panelist for a number of American game shows like the family feud, match game, and can you top this, etc. He did all types of movies and shows, but he often mentioned that drawing and cartooning was his all-time favorite work.

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